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Free-Roaming Horses in Ky?

Free-Roaming Horses

I have been hearing rumors of wild free-roaming horses in Kentucky. Seemed a little far fetched to me, having live in Ky. most of my life, but I started looking into it. I googled it and found a website that was setup to talk about Ky.’s elk herd. They say that Ky. has around  400-600 free-roaming horses in the eastern part of the state, most on deserted coal mines ( strip mines that have been reclaimed). I made several trips up to the area with no luck.  I received a call from long time friend Randy Bates asking if I would like to go with him to photograph elk.  Obviously I jumped at the chance and several days later we headed for eastern Kentucky.  With a two hour drive and wanting to get there before sunrise, we where on the road by 4 a.m., arriving just after sunup. No elk. No deer. Sunrise was bland and it looked like we had wasted a day with nothing to photograph. We decided to take a different way home and found ourselves on Ky 1098, a small blacktop road with mostly dirt roads leading off it.  We stop at a old cemetary that sat high on a hill overlooking the surrounding mountains.  With a pair of binoculars we found two different herds of horses. The next hour was spent driving up and down dirt roads trying to get close enough to photograph then. The area is open with no fences , but is way too hilly and rocky to just head cross country.  But it all turned out to be worth the trouble.  We have now made several more trips into this area and have never failed to find horses. Every trip has produced different groups, some as small as 8-10, others as large as 30-35. I hope to be able to go back to the area when the leaves change and get some shots of not only the horses, but maybe an elk or two.

Mare with Foal born in wild.


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