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And in the beginning.

It was very early morning and the sun was still below the horizon. The sky was just starting to glow and the flowers seem to stand out from the darker background. Catching a moment when the breeze has died…the light seems right…click.

People ask me how did you (of all people) get into flower photography. Well, I have always liked photography and finding myself bored out of my mind one day, I went looking for something to shoot. I think it was the middle of the day with the sun beating down, when I found a daylily blooming. Needless to say every picture I took came out horrible. That started a 5 year learning process that still continues today.

All of my flower photographs are taken outside in the garden. Some from my yard, others from the Lexington Arboretum(A very special place if you love flowers). Almost all are shot before or right as the sun comes up, during that 30 min. period when the light is perfect.

I am expanding my interest to include landscape, travel and equine. The interest in horse photography came about when I found that Kentucky (where I live) has 400-600 free roaming horses. It took many trips to deserted area’s of eastern Ky. before a friend and I found them. As with everything in life, a new subject and the learning begins again. Hopefully never to stop.


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