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Early morning at the arboretum

Dew on Rose petals

   I decided to try out some new extension tubes that I bought a while back.  So “What is an extension” you ask. Well an extension is nothing more than a hollow tube that goes between you camera and the lens. This has the effect of moving the focus point and  thus turning you regular lens into a macro lens. The closeup of the dew on a rose petal was shot with two tubes stacked together ( 36mm and 20mm) on a 70-200L f/4.  This combination allows you to get very closeups at the expense of loosing depth of field. A tripod is a must with this setup due to the shallow depth of field. I find it hard to get good sharp photo’s unless I use the live view and zoom in to focus.  The biggest downside to this setup as opposed to a dedicated macro lens is you are unable to shoot at infinity. With the 36mm and 20mm stacked it will not focus much farther than 3-4 feet away. So if you need to shoot a sunrise or landscape,  it requires a lens change. Most of the time I go out with the intent of shooting only flower macro’s, which eliminates the need for lens changes in the field. The upside? Cost, only a small percentage of what a good macro would set you back. There is no loss of f/stop as you would get with a 1.4x or 2x  extenders. 

Heavy dew on Rose


This photograph of the “bunch of Roses” (how is that for a technical name) was shot after the sun was up. 


September 28, 2010 - Posted by | Photography

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