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Cat sitting in Amsterdam.

"Gingie the Cat"

Does anyone really fly to amsterdam to house sit a cat? Well,probably not I thought, as I sat across the isle from my wife and Granddaughter, waiting for the plane to take off. We had promised to fly to Amsterdam and take care of “Gingie the cat” while my Nephew and his better half where off to Germany for two weeks. Obviously my plan was to use this as a reason to visit Amsterdam and my Granddaughter would go along to take care of “Gingie the cat” while I photographed Amsterdam. The first evening I was really feeling the jet lag and had sat down to clean my camera and lenses when I noticed that I was being watched, closely, by “Gingie the cat”. When somebody or something watches you long enough, guilt sets in and you fold. That evening and the next morning were spent photographing “Gingie the Cat”.

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October 18, 2010 - Posted by | Photography

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