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Florida Art Show

Hillsborough River, Temple Terrace, Fl

  Just got back from the Temple Terrace Art Show in Florida and thought I would share this picture that was taken behind my booth. This is the Hillsborough River that runs through Tampa and along the southside of  the park where the show was located.  You are looking at island’s that dot this section of the river. The photograph was taken early morning  just after sunrise when the water was still calm. I would say the show would barely rate a ‘fair’, but the location was great.


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Amsterdam- Boats for sale

Boats for Sale


   Large and small boats almost any color you could want, Amsterdam’s canals are full of them. Boats seem to be second only to the bicycle as the preferred form of transportation. Where did they all come from? I have no ideal, but I think I found where many of them end up. On a beautiful little canal that surrounds Prinseneiland, where boats are repaired and restored before being put back into service. Both sides of the canal are lined with boats that seem to be in different states of repair. To an American’s eye the boats are different, even exotic, with an old world look to them.  I stopped on several occasions to watch the people working, thinking that it would be fun to cruise the canals in one.

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