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Bird Photography at Jacobson Park.


Great Blue Heron resting in tree

 I awoke this morning to a light rain and heavy overcast, but I had decided last night that I was going to spend the morning ( rain or shine)  photographing at Lexington’s Jacobson park. I packed the camera  and rain gear and arrived at the park just as the sun was coming up, not that I could see it for the clouds. I had driven by the lake several days ago and knew that there was a large number of Canadian Gesse wintering on the lake. I also expected to find wild ducks, but I didn’t expect to find so many Great Blue Heron’s.  With them moving around it was hard to get a count, but I believe I saw 7-8 different ones.  A large part of the lake was still frozen and it limited the places where they could find food.  My knowledge of these birds is very limited, but I found myself drawn to them.  From the little I have read, they are year round residents of central and western Ky, feeding mostly on small fish, insects, frogs and snakes. I also found first-hand that when they are startled, they bark like a dog.  The geese where flying in and out in large groups, with many landing on the frozen part of the lake and standing around as if confused. I also spotted a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk looking for breakfast and plan to go back for him when it is not raining.

Flock of Canada's flying over frozen lake

Great Blue Heron at Lexington's Jacobson park


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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Ice and cold increase birds at feeder.

Northern Cardinal


Northern Mockingbird

I have been trying to get a good picture of a female Northern Cardinal and I’m not having any luck. The male hangs around the bird feeder and pays little attention to me, but if the female catches any movement at all she is gone.  My feeble attempt at hiding works with all the other birds even the very wary and cautious Northern Mockingbird, but not the female Cardinal. The Mockingbird and male Cardinal both announce their arrival, which makes it easy to get the shot. The female fly’s in without a sound, grabs the food, looks me square in the eye and fly’s off, all before I can raise the camera.  I feel that we are evenly matched intelligence wise, so if I show up enough with camera in hand, I should eventually get the shot. Of course if all else fails…. Longer lens and better hiding spot.

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Icy Blast – Bird Photography

Carolina Chickadee through icy window

 This morning started out as the forecast predicted, heavy ice covering everything. I had placed plastic bags over the feeders last night and got up early so I could remove it before the birds started arriving. I looked out and found the bush close to the feeder already had a few birds waiting.  I shot a few pictures through the  icy window, which gave a painterly look to the small Carolina Chickadee perched close to the feeder.

Carolina Chickadee in icy bush.

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Waiting line at Feeders

Slate Grey Junco

  A second day with snow, 4-5 inches, has really backed up the wait at the feeders.  With temperatures in the low 20’s there was a long line stacked up in the burning bush that sets close to the feeders. The peanutbutter rolled in bird seed is a big hit and is getting about 80% of the traffic including the squirrel that lives in the maple out back. There seems to be a large number of the slate Grey Junco’s, both adult and juveniles that are coming to the feeders along with all the other regulars.

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Bird Photography

Song Sparrow

 I awoke this morning to a light snow on the ground and more on the way. Winter has finally arrived in the bluegrass state and with the temperature dropping fast the traffic at the bird feeders is increasing. I filled the feeders and placed a couple of logs for the birds to land on and started shooting. I had 100-150 birds over a 2-3 hour period- Song Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Cardinals, Blue Jays, House Sparrow, Slate grey Junco’s, Carolina Wren and even had one Robin (must be lost).  The overcast sky and snow made lighting difficult as it changed by the minute – I raised the ISO to keep the shutter speed up and used a tripod, but still only 1 in 10 shots turned out. The little ones (Chickadee’s and Wren’s) move so fast that it’s hard to get a shot without some part being blurred.

Carolina Wren

Tufted Titmouse

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