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Ice and cold increase birds at feeder.

Northern Cardinal


Northern Mockingbird

I have been trying to get a good picture of a female Northern Cardinal and I’m not having any luck. The male hangs around the bird feeder and pays little attention to me, but if the female catches any movement at all she is gone.  My feeble attempt at hiding works with all the other birds even the very wary and cautious Northern Mockingbird, but not the female Cardinal. The Mockingbird and male Cardinal both announce their arrival, which makes it easy to get the shot. The female fly’s in without a sound, grabs the food, looks me square in the eye and fly’s off, all before I can raise the camera.  I feel that we are evenly matched intelligence wise, so if I show up enough with camera in hand, I should eventually get the shot. Of course if all else fails…. Longer lens and better hiding spot.


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