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Portrait Photography


  Hopefully just by looking at these pictures you can tell what kind of day I had. It’s always a good day when I get to spend time with some of the grandchildren, even better if I have a camera handy. Jeane and I spent most of the morning watching , playing and photographing the babies of the clan, Willa and Wyatt. I have never considered myself a very good portrait photographer, but children have a way of making anyone look good. It take’s   time to get the little ones comfortable with the large lens and camera pointed at them, but when they relax…. it’s all gravy from there. Willa chilled out quickly and seemed to almost poise, Wyatt had to study the camera and I had to catch him off guard…..  Good Day all around.




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Farm Lane- Photography


Tree lined lane during snow storm

 The storm arrived just after daylight, coming down heavy at times.  Jeane  and I decided to take a drive and see if we could come up with any nice photo’s.  Jeane is always looking for patterns in landscapes to use in her paintings and I was hoping to just get a few snow pictures and enjoy the drive. We decided to drive out some of the small roads that weave past the many horse farms found in and around Lexington. Lexington can be  a beautiful place anytime of the year and during snow storms is no different.  We found ourself’s on Redd Rd. where we came across this small farm lane lined with evergreens. The lane dipped down through a canopy of evergreens to a small bridge and then up a hillside. The snow was heavy and blowing, but I still added noise to the photograph to bring it to what we saw. The dark areas on the road is where the tree’s are blocking the blowing snow causing it to be thinner and allowing the road to show through.

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Rose in Winter- Photography

Rose in Winter

  The rose was laid out on a glass deck table and photographed in natural light (Very foggy this morning with a grey overcast sky). The dark area’s are reflections of the sky and trees picked up by the foggy wet glass.

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European Starlings – Photography

European Starling

 The European Starling is probably not my favorite bird to visit the feeders. I think though you will agree that if you can catch them in the right light this iridescent purple and black bird has beautiful colorations. One thing is for sure, they are always moving and fussing with each other.  They are one of the easiest birds to get some kind of action shot. These were shot with a Canon 50d 70-200 f/4 ,  set on manual with a shutter speed of  1/320 (faster would be better).  I brought them to the perch by placing a peanut butter/suet mix on the back side of the pinecones.

European Starlings on Pine tree

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Rose in snow- Photography

Pale Rose on snow

 Several days ago I photographed a white wooden flower on an off white quilt.  This got me to thinking, so when I heard they where predicting another winter snow storm for Kentucky I ran out and bought some pale pink roses,  placed them in a vase and waited for the snow. The weatherman was right  and 4-5 inches showed up as expected. So this morning I took one of the roses and placed it in the snow… a little soft focus and it turned out very close to what I had hoped.

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Abstract Photography- CD’s

Computer Disk

 Since I had promised not to bore you with more Ice Abstracts I decided to look around the office and see what I could come up with. What does every office desk in the country have laying on it….  CD’s or DVD’s. I have picked these things up a thousand times and loved the reflections and colors, but never thought about photographing them until today. I decided to use only available natural light coming through a window but found that to get the colors I wanted I need more.  Digging through my extensive collection of high tech equipment I came across the perfect tool for the job… pocket flashlight. I found that by laying the disk on the floor close to a window and moving the camera and flashlight around I could change the colors and flashes of light. For those that are wondering…NO they have not been altered in Photoshop. They came out of the camera as is.

DVD Abstract

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Still Life Photography

With the day starting out gray and rain moving in I decided to shoot some pictures indoors. I really DID NOT want to set up lights, reflectors and all the others things normally used in still life shots, especially with three grandkids playing store in the house.  A quick walk through showed the best light was coming in the front bedroom window. This window has blinds and a sheer lace curtains, perfect for defusing the light. Now all I had to do was find something that I could photograph. My first thought was to run pickup some cut flowers, but that would be too easy. 

Wooden Flower on Quilt

 I finally decided to just shoot something that was lying around the house.  This is a very old wooden flower that Jeane kept in a decorative jar in the livingroom. Simply placed on a quilt at the end of the bed…..

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Ice Abstracts


Water poured over ice

I’m finding the Ice abstract photography a challenge. Controlling light and reflections in photography is what makes or breaks a picture. Controlling the light when shooting ice is very similar to photographing glass, light from behind. The reflections though are another matter. You have way too many angles to control them all.  I tried to make sure the camera and myself  did now show, but let the others go. 

Ice and Water Abstract

 This last photo was shot at f/32 with very slow shutter giving it a little more depth of field and had the effect of smoothing out any area’s where the water was moving.

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Ice Photography

Water flowing under ice

 I couldn’t get the ice abstracts out of my head, so I decided to see if I could come up with other variations. This time I started with a layer of ice over the glass (like last time), but this time I loosen the ice and poured warm water between the ice and glass. I moved the camera after each shot to help change the colors and reflections.

Water flowing under ice with reflections

 I then started moving objects (red paper, pink water bottle) around to change the reflections. In the last photography I played with the reflections, but also added light reflected back onto the ice from a mirror.

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Abstract Ice Photography

Flowing water on top of ice.

   With all the snow and ice we have on the ground, what does a photographer shoot? Snow and Ice of course. This ideal came when I was out on our snow-covered deck and noticed patterns that had formed in a piece of ice. The first photo was created by pouring a layer of water on a glass table top and allowed it to freeze over night. The next morning I poured warm water over the layer of ice and shot photo’s with a slow shutter speed. As the water flowed out it looked like flowing silver, with the leading edge reflecting colors. In the second shot, I placed an ice cube from the freezer on the frozen glass and poured water over it.  With a little more time to play, I believe you could come up with some nice abstracts.


Water poured over Ice cube.

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