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Farm Lane- Photography


Tree lined lane during snow storm

 The storm arrived just after daylight, coming down heavy at times.  Jeane  and I decided to take a drive and see if we could come up with any nice photo’s.  Jeane is always looking for patterns in landscapes to use in her paintings and I was hoping to just get a few snow pictures and enjoy the drive. We decided to drive out some of the small roads that weave past the many horse farms found in and around Lexington. Lexington can be  a beautiful place anytime of the year and during snow storms is no different.  We found ourself’s on Redd Rd. where we came across this small farm lane lined with evergreens. The lane dipped down through a canopy of evergreens to a small bridge and then up a hillside. The snow was heavy and blowing, but I still added noise to the photograph to bring it to what we saw. The dark areas on the road is where the tree’s are blocking the blowing snow causing it to be thinner and allowing the road to show through.


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