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Amsterdam Canals- Photography

Bridge over a small side canal in Amsterdam

   I would like to start with a little history about this photo and the reason for the type of post processing that was done. The photo was taken very early morning on a small side canal that runs behind the Botanical gardens in Amsterdam. I happened on this spot while at the Botanical gardens and fell in love with it. The small canal had two bridges, one where the canal feeds into a larger canal and this one that leads to the service area on the back side of the gardens.  You can stand on the far side and either way you look is beautiful. That’s the good stuff, now for the bad stuff. I had just bought a new Canon 17-40L lens to use on the trip and had used it very little. I was shooting and checking composition and exposure after each shot like always. Everything seems fine till I loaded the 1200+ photo’s on to my computer and found that 75% where badly out of focus, which did not show up in the camera’s viewing screen. I sent the camera and lens off to Canon and found that the lens was not focusing correctly. Canon repaired it at no cost (other than shipping) and it works great now. But I still ended up with 700-800 photo’s that where either a little or  a lot out of focus. The above photo fell in the little category, so I started messing with it. I decided sharpening was making it look worse, so I decided to go the other way.  I added a 15% burr to the picture and readjusted the light levels, and then boosted the yellows to add accents to the trees. For me it seems to have saved a picture that I thought was lost. I would really like to hear opinions, good or bad.

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