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Roses – Photography

Yelllow Rose- Lexington Arboretum

 We have been really busy the past week. Jeane is working every spare minute on painting and I have been getting some wholesale orders ready to go out. We have two shows coming up in Florida in about ten days, so there are a lot of last second things popping up. Add all this to several hundred pieces that need to be matted and shrink wrapped and it seem like there is no time for anything else.

Pink Rose- Lexington Arboretum


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New Paintings 2011

1'x3.5' Paintings (pair)

 I have been putting up a lot of photography lately and little or none of Jeane’s paintings, so here are a couple of painting’s she is getting ready for a workshop coming up in April. These are the general direction her work is heading for the 2011 art shows and I would expect to see lots more over the next several months. The above is a matching pair that are double matted, but have not been framed yet. The one below is smaller at about 12″x15″ without the mat.

Watercolor and pencil

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Vintage Flowers #3- Photography

Sandstone Rose blend

Here are a couple more photograph’s that are two photo’s, one of the flower and the other of texture, blended together. The more I work with this the more possiblities I see, each one triggering idea’s for the next. We spent  the day hiking at Raven’s Run, a large nature preserve along the Kentucky River. While hiking down to the cliff’s, we snapped 100’s of photo’s of different texture to use.  So needless to say I am going to be playing with this for a few more days.  

Flower rust blend

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Vintage Flowers #2- Photography

Vintage Rose- Blending of two photo's

Blending of two Photograph's

  I’m finding the blending of photo’s to get a vintage look not only open’s up many avenue’s to follow, but increases the knowledge base. Yesterday I spend 8-10 hours  reading and putting into practice, layer mask, how and where to use them. Gradient mask, adjustment layers, the learning seems to never end.  Deciding what and where different parts show through requires you to move from technical, the camera, to making artistic judgement’s on how the final photo will look. This is something most photographer’s do without thinking as they look through the viewfinder, now with this second step, I’m finding it require’s more thought.

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Vintage Flowers – Photography

Flowers at Lexington Arboretum

 I have spent some time this past week on pictures that were taken last summer at the Arboretum. With the vintage look still in the back of my mind, from an earlier post, I started working on combining the flower shots with textures. These two photo’s were layered with photograph’s of rust from the side of an old boat in Amsterdam. 

Vintage Rose- Lexington Arboretum

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Flowers – Photography

White Mums

I picked up a small bunch of mums for the livingroom and decided to see what I could come up with.  Overcast and no wind made the conditions to photograph these little white blooms perfect.

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Gardens at the Arboretum – Photography

Lexington Arboretum

 One of the many paths leading in and around the Lexington Arboretum. This photograph was taken just below the parking area as you walk towards the main pathway leading into the Arboretum.

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Gardens of the Arboretum – Photography

Lexington Arboretum

  I post hundreds of photo’s of flower’s that were taken at the Arboretum, but someone pointed out that they had never seen any of the gardens.  I am going to try to post a few over the next week so you can see why I spend so much time photographing there.  The Arboretum began in 1991  and encompasses 100 acres of gardens and walking trails.  This photo was taken just above the rose gardens looking towards the upper gardens. Rock walls and barrier hedges section off the landscape into many different area’s , some with small ponds or water sculptures, so each turn brings you not only new sight’s, but new sounds. I have done art shows at some of the big  gardens around the country, but for my buck, Lexington’s Arboretum has them beat.

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Crocus Flower- Photography

First flowers up this spring!

  We had two pretty nice days and that’s all it took to get these little crocus up and blooming.  Funny how that first little flower seems to brighten up things in the spring. I am so ready to get back into the flowers that even with a heavy breeze and small sprinkle I decided to lie down in the grass and see what I could come up with. The breeze caused the biggest problem, other than me trying to get back up. It was hard catching them without some movement, causing a slight blur, but a few well placed barriers and finally got a few shots that I liked.   This was shot with the canon 50d  70-200L with extensions to really limit the dept of field and darken the background.

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Emotions – Photography

Rose - Lexington Arboretum _ Vintage treatment

 If you like photography as I do, then you have probably visited the  many websites that cater to professional photographer’s. On these sites it is normal to upload a photograph and then set back and watch the critiques roll in. Some sites have a rating systems that allows other photographer’s the chance to rate your photo by placing a numerical value on it, sort of like the old 1-10 thing. Looking at a photograph, then reading the critiques and ratings that follow has let me to believe that there are two main types of photographer’s.  Both bring a different perspective to the table  The first tries to record the event and adding nothing of themself, while the other type I believe is not just  freezing a two-dimensional slice in time and solely recording the event but also trying to stir an emotion inside the viewer. During my thirty years of doing Art shows I have heard “What where you thinking (or feeling) when you made this?”  thousand’s of times. I guess at times I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I have come to believe that for me, it’s “what do you the viewer feel” that should be more important.  As we go through our day we are manipulated by what we  see, which controls how we feel and ultimately determines what kind of day we have, good or bad.. We have the last say in what we see and which direction it will take our emotions. I have moved up in years and for me photography is now about feeling good. I want the viewer to see a small slice of my life, while having a good feeling about  it and hopefully about their own. I have watched my Grandchildren doing artwork and realized that they are telling me volumes about themselves.  Like the old saying  “A window to your soul” I feel that photography can tell you not only about the person behind the camera, but also about the viewer.

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