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Island of Crete #4 – Photography

 On the drive back towards the town of Ag. Nikolaos the sun warmed things into the 70’s and the sky and ocean turned a beautiful blue. Yes , it really was this blue, although I remember the clouds being whiter. The second photo is part of a sculpture made of glass and the last photo shows the small road ( Ag. Nikolaos)  leading towards the hotel.

Small island off the coast of Crete


Glass/metal sculpture on Crete


The small town of Ag. Nikolaos, Crete


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Island of Crete #3 – Photography

 We planned to drive east  40- 50 miles and had started well before sunrise. The main road running out of Ag. Nikolaos followed the coast and began to climb towards the mountains. We could see small islands dotting the sea in any direction you looked. This first photo is one of the larger one’s that lay only about 1/2 mile from the coast. A roadside sign said there had once been a Minoan settlement on the island, but we could see no sign of ruins at this distance.  The second photo is a small town that could be seen from the road after we had climbed into the mountains. 

Island off the coast of Crete- Early morning


Small mountain town


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Island of Crete #2 – Photography

These two photo’s were taken in the small town of Agios Nikolaos. The first one was taken late evening at a harbor/boat yard about 200 yds. from our hotel. The second was taken along the sea wall facing back towards the main part of town…..    Ag. Nikolaos is small enough to walk anywhere within a few mins and never be to far from the sea.

Small harbor, looking west , late evening


Sea wall, facing towards the main part of town.


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Island of Crete – Photography

 The first morning I was up early and out walking the small town of Agios Nikolaos which is in the eastern part of the island.

Fishing nets stacked on the docks


Rocky shoreline


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1st & last morning on Crete – Photography

 These two photo’s were taken very close to each other about 5 days apart, facing in opposite directions. The first was taken about 30 mins. before sunrise with a long exposure and the second facing the east just at sunrise.

Early morning on Crete


Sunrise highlighting scupture on Crete


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