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Ky’s Free-Roaming Horses – Photography



Young Colt- Free-roaming


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Ky’s free-roaming Horses – Photography

These are a couple shots of free-roaming horses we found over the pass weekend. Both are young mares in pretty good shape. The one has the most unusal blaze face that I have seen and stayed very close to a bay stallion. The cold nights over the past several weeks have their winter coats come on.

Young free-roaming mare


Nice free-roaming mare - Eastern Ky.

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Free- roaming Horses – Photography

We had found several small groups of Ky’s free-roaming horses when we first arrived in the area, but had been driving several miles back a dirt road when we found these two. A big bay stallion and a young mare that we had not seen before. On this trip we found about 60-70 horses with most of them new to us.  Google maps show 100’s of miles of dirt paths that lead into this area, most requiring a 4-wheeler.  I feel like we are only seeing the few horses that venture to the edge of the large area as we seldom see the same ones.

Bay stallion with young mare


Free-roam horses in Kentucky


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Ky’s free-roaming horses – Photography

I spent the day with three of my grandchildren photographing the free-roaming horses in eastern Ky…..   Good day.

Free-roamer - Kentucky


Ky. free-roaming horse


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