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Red River Gorge

Spent the day hiking in the Red River Gorge with the family. Very wet from the big storm two days ago but still very pretty. The colors in the rocks seemed brighter from the bath but we missed the leaves.

Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge



Rock Wall

Rock Wall

The little things

The little things


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1st & last morning on Crete – Photography

 These two photo’s were taken very close to each other about 5 days apart, facing in opposite directions. The first was taken about 30 mins. before sunrise with a long exposure and the second facing the east just at sunrise.

Early morning on Crete


Sunrise highlighting scupture on Crete


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Red River Gorge – Photography

We decided to take a short day trip up to the Red River Gorge for some hiking. If you’ve been there you know it’s dark, damp and Beautiful. We hit there about 1 pm and found the light very contrasty, so decided to accent that.

Along one of the trails in the gorge.

One of the few spots where the sun got in.

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Creating the Vintage look in photography

  I have been ask  how I go about getting the vintage look I use in the horse photo’s, so I decided to put together a photo board showing the steps I use.   First off if I am photographing a race horse in training, I will shoot 3-4 shots as they run pass. I get what looks like a film strip of shots to choose from.

Four shots as horse passes

 Then I will choose one photo to work with ……

Sharpest of the four

 Turn this one into black and white………

Black and White copy

 Now I add a small amount of color back into the photo and soften it….

Selective color added back into shot

Now I begin adding texture on to the photo. This step takes the longest time and I will normally go through and change the photo many times before I feel good about it. Does it make a photo better? I don’t think it is better, just different.

Final shot with color and texture added.

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Keeneland -Vintage look

Though I would put up a few photo’s that were taken at Keeneland during the morning workouts. Photo’s were turned into B&W and then color layered back on to it. 

Morning worlouts at Keeneland

B&W with color layered back into it

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Kentucky’s free-roaming horses

Large group found on ridge top

These are a few more followup shots of our trip to eastern Ky. to see the free-roaming horses. The first photo was taken on an open area on one of the higher ridges. This group totaled about 50-55 horses with 4-5 mules mixed in and had 3-4 foals. The dominate female was a large ( 16+ hands) pinto mare which we had seen several times last year.  The mules appeared to be freshly turned loose, either that or someone decided to cut their manes ( I pulled a few manes last year to get the burr’s out).  Mules are always good for a laugh or two and these did not disappoint.

Something was funny

Pointed up= Attention, Point forward=watch out, Pointed sideways= Mules

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Kentucky’s free roaming horses

It has been six months since my last trip into eastern Ky. looking for the free roaming / wild horses that live on a 20-30 square mile area of deserted strip mines.  Three of my grandchildren and I arrived at the highest point in the area, which is off Ky 1098, a 75% paved 25% gravel road. The area is laced with hundreds of miles of dirt roads that are slow going without a four-wheeler. We spotted the first bunch running through a valley that lay below us and watched as they made their way towards a dirt road. We found them feeding along side the road ( see first photo).


 We had moved about five miles from the first group and found a small herd of about 15-20 feeding along the edge of a field that was bordered by a forested area. Each group we found had 2-3 foals in them which looked to be 4-10 weeks old and very sly. This foals mother would come right up to us, but the foal remained back, never coming closer that 15-20 feet. We found a total of 200-225 horse this trip of the 600+ that roam this area. I’ll try and post some more picture this week.

Young foal hiding behind mother

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Minimalist Photography

I have found when I am looking at art I’m drawn to the Minimalist look a lot of the time. Seen mostly in paintings and occasionally in photography, the Minimalist look as I understand it is to strip the art or photograph down to its essential components. Simply, anything that is not needed is removed. Well it sounds simple in principle, but seems for me it is going to take some time to work out what can go and what needs to stay.  I see in my mind when I look through the lens what I want the photo to look like, then reality sets in when I see the photo…… So I decided to look at some of my photos that didn’t stand up to what I had in mind when they were shot and try removing the unwanted after the fact,  opposite to the way most minimalist photos are created.  This first picture was taken in Amsterdam’s at the cobra Art Museum. I was drawn to the interior design of the building and took several photos that showed the curves and angles, but none lived up to what I had in mind. I began by turning it into a black & white and then started cutting…. this seem to be close to what I remembered. With the second photo, there were distractions in the background, so I began there and then removed the parts of the horse that I felt where not needed….  How much can you cut? I am still trying to figure that out… Seems to be different with each photo and what the mind will accept. 

Cobra Art Museum- Amsterdam


Horse - Keeneland



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Daylilies – Photography

The daylilies seem to be doing great even though the hard rains have hurt everything else.

Daylily from the Arboretum


Nice daylily at Arboretum

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Heavy dew on flowers – Photography

I arrived at the Arboretum at 6am just before the sunrise and found heavy dew covering the flowers. The resent storms had not helped the roses, but I found a few nice flowers in the upper section that looked nice. Most of the time I use a 70-200L with extension for closeups of flowers, but today I decided to try an extension on a 17-40L and found that it worked good. It seemed to give me more dept of field, but required me to get very close. (2-4 inch)

Heavy dew on cone flower



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