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Roses – Photography

Yelllow Rose- Lexington Arboretum

 We have been really busy the past week. Jeane is working every spare minute on painting and I have been getting some wholesale orders ready to go out. We have two shows coming up in Florida in about ten days, so there are a lot of last second things popping up. Add all this to several hundred pieces that need to be matted and shrink wrapped and it seem like there is no time for anything else.

Pink Rose- Lexington Arboretum


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Vintage Flowers – Photography

Flowers at Lexington Arboretum

 I have spent some time this past week on pictures that were taken last summer at the Arboretum. With the vintage look still in the back of my mind, from an earlier post, I started working on combining the flower shots with textures. These two photo’s were layered with photograph’s of rust from the side of an old boat in Amsterdam. 

Vintage Rose- Lexington Arboretum

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Roses – Photography

Pink Roses, Taken at Lexington Arboretum


Rose- Lexington Arboretum- Canon 50d

  I decided to look back through the 7000+ photograph’s I have taken in the past 5-10 yrs to see if there were any I overlooked. The two Rose photo’s above were taken at the Lexington Arboretum in the summer of 2009. I adjusted the levels and added a little sharpening.  Hope you like them.

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Rose Reflection- Photography

Rose reflection on black glass

  This started as a photograph of a Rose on black glass. I then flip the image  and added a layer mask with gradient to create the reflection. Scroll was added. The longest time was spent adding the water drops and  work done on the stem.

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Rose in Winter- Photography

Rose in Winter

  The rose was laid out on a glass deck table and photographed in natural light (Very foggy this morning with a grey overcast sky). The dark area’s are reflections of the sky and trees picked up by the foggy wet glass.

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Rose in snow- Photography

Pale Rose on snow

 Several days ago I photographed a white wooden flower on an off white quilt.  This got me to thinking, so when I heard they where predicting another winter snow storm for Kentucky I ran out and bought some pale pink roses,  placed them in a vase and waited for the snow. The weatherman was right  and 4-5 inches showed up as expected. So this morning I took one of the roses and placed it in the snow… a little soft focus and it turned out very close to what I had hoped.

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