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Rose Leaves in Rain_ Photography

 Today makes 4-5 days of rain this week and the rose are showing signs of stress. They are starting to drop petals from all the wind which made finding nice ones this morning harder than normal. But as I walked around the Arboretum I noticed that the rain and heavy overcast had brought out the colors in the leaves.

Rose leaves in Rain- Lexington Arboretum


Rain on Rose leaves- Lexington Arboretum


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Red Rose in Rain- Photography

Red Rose with rain drops

  Photographed this rose early today in the rain. Sky was starting to lighten some and made for nice light. The hardest thing about shooting in the rain is focusing with a plastic bag over the camera and the fact you look really stupid. 🙂

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Yellow Roses

I would say this is not the best photo I ever took, but it was the hardest to get worked out.

Yellow Roses- Reflection

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Early Roses- Photography

We have been back from Taos for several days now and I decided to see what was blooming at the Arboretum. To my surprise, I found the rose bushes flush with new flowers and buds. The heavy rain this spring has everything looking great.

Spring Rose- Lexington Arboretum

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Roses – Photography

Yelllow Rose- Lexington Arboretum

 We have been really busy the past week. Jeane is working every spare minute on painting and I have been getting some wholesale orders ready to go out. We have two shows coming up in Florida in about ten days, so there are a lot of last second things popping up. Add all this to several hundred pieces that need to be matted and shrink wrapped and it seem like there is no time for anything else.

Pink Rose- Lexington Arboretum

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Vintage Flowers – Photography

Flowers at Lexington Arboretum

 I have spent some time this past week on pictures that were taken last summer at the Arboretum. With the vintage look still in the back of my mind, from an earlier post, I started working on combining the flower shots with textures. These two photo’s were layered with photograph’s of rust from the side of an old boat in Amsterdam. 

Vintage Rose- Lexington Arboretum

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Emotions – Photography

Rose - Lexington Arboretum _ Vintage treatment

 If you like photography as I do, then you have probably visited the  many websites that cater to professional photographer’s. On these sites it is normal to upload a photograph and then set back and watch the critiques roll in. Some sites have a rating systems that allows other photographer’s the chance to rate your photo by placing a numerical value on it, sort of like the old 1-10 thing. Looking at a photograph, then reading the critiques and ratings that follow has let me to believe that there are two main types of photographer’s.  Both bring a different perspective to the table  The first tries to record the event and adding nothing of themself, while the other type I believe is not just  freezing a two-dimensional slice in time and solely recording the event but also trying to stir an emotion inside the viewer. During my thirty years of doing Art shows I have heard “What where you thinking (or feeling) when you made this?”  thousand’s of times. I guess at times I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I have come to believe that for me, it’s “what do you the viewer feel” that should be more important.  As we go through our day we are manipulated by what we  see, which controls how we feel and ultimately determines what kind of day we have, good or bad.. We have the last say in what we see and which direction it will take our emotions. I have moved up in years and for me photography is now about feeling good. I want the viewer to see a small slice of my life, while having a good feeling about  it and hopefully about their own. I have watched my Grandchildren doing artwork and realized that they are telling me volumes about themselves.  Like the old saying  “A window to your soul” I feel that photography can tell you not only about the person behind the camera, but also about the viewer.

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Roses – Photography

Pink Roses, Taken at Lexington Arboretum


Rose- Lexington Arboretum- Canon 50d

  I decided to look back through the 7000+ photograph’s I have taken in the past 5-10 yrs to see if there were any I overlooked. The two Rose photo’s above were taken at the Lexington Arboretum in the summer of 2009. I adjusted the levels and added a little sharpening.  Hope you like them.

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Dew covered Rose reflection- Photography

Dew covered rose reflection

 Well like an old hound dog on a scent, even if it’s not the right one, I’m going to follow this trail a little further. The rose was photographed on black glass, then the reflection was added in Photoshop along with the scrolled line and side lighting. The three water drops were added last and I am still not happy with the contrast and lighting on those, but with a little more work , it should make a nice picture. They are calling for a chance of snow here in the bluegrass state, so maybe I’ll get off on a new path.

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Rose Reflection- Photography

Rose reflection on black glass

  This started as a photograph of a Rose on black glass. I then flip the image  and added a layer mask with gradient to create the reflection. Scroll was added. The longest time was spent adding the water drops and  work done on the stem.

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