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Red River Gorge

Spent the day hiking in the Red River Gorge with the family. Very wet from the big storm two days ago but still very pretty. The colors in the rocks seemed brighter from the bath but we missed the leaves.

Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge



Rock Wall

Rock Wall

The little things

The little things


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Keeneland Morning Workouts _ Photography

Two-horse race during workouts

Starting the warmup

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Free- roaming Horses – Photography

We had found several small groups of Ky’s free-roaming horses when we first arrived in the area, but had been driving several miles back a dirt road when we found these two. A big bay stallion and a young mare that we had not seen before. On this trip we found about 60-70 horses with most of them new to us.  Google maps show 100’s of miles of dirt paths that lead into this area, most requiring a 4-wheeler.  I feel like we are only seeing the few horses that venture to the edge of the large area as we seldom see the same ones.

Bay stallion with young mare


Free-roam horses in Kentucky


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Early Morning at Keeneland – Photography

Fast morning workout


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Paris in November #8 – Photography

I was asked by some friends if I taken any photo’s of the Eiffel Tower. I know it sounds silly but I didn’t take many, as it seems to have been shot to death. The first time I saw it I didn’t realize there were 2 small lakes and large grassy area’s  around the tower. Every photo that I could remember showed concrete and roadways with no water or grass. So…… Photo’s of the tower, while trying not to photograph the tower.

Small lake along side the Eiffel Tower

Bridge leading across the Seine to The tower


Jardins du Trocadero across from the Eiffel Tower


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Paris in November #7 – Photography

Very overcast and cold but we decided to walk down to Notre Dame and then up to the Luxembourg Gardens.  The gardens are beautiful even this time of year with blooming mums hanging everywhere.

Notre Dame and the river Seine


Luxembourg Garden- Paris


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Paris in November #6 – Photography

A few more shots of the  smaller streets around Paris. These were taken not far from the Seine on the left bank.

Small shops line a street in Paris

Small alley late evening


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Paris in November #5 – Photography

 We decided to walk around the outside of the Louvre before going across the Seine to the Musee d’ Orsay. The first photo is of Jeane photographing some of the detail/decoration as you enter through the archway. The second photo shows one of the small pyramids.

Jeane outside the Louvre


Small pyramid at Louvre


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Paris in November #4 – Photography

River Seine - taken from the right bank


Along the river - Left bank


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Paris in November #3 – Photography

 The first photo is a door (detail) that we found in the Latin Quarter close to the Sorbonne. The second photo was taken on the walking bridge over the Seine, couple’s have started hanging locks onto the chain fencing along the side. They write or engrave thier names and initials onto the locks and then secure them to the fencing, hopefully to remain forever. The third photo was taken along the seine below the Tuileries garden.

Door in the Latin Quarter


Lover's locks hang over the Seine


Along the river Seine


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