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Paris in November #8 – Photography

I was asked by some friends if I taken any photo’s of the Eiffel Tower. I know it sounds silly but I didn’t take many, as it seems to have been shot to death. The first time I saw it I didn’t realize there were 2 small lakes and large grassy area’s  around the tower. Every photo that I could remember showed concrete and roadways with no water or grass. So…… Photo’s of the tower, while trying not to photograph the tower.

Small lake along side the Eiffel Tower

Bridge leading across the Seine to The tower


Jardins du Trocadero across from the Eiffel Tower


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Paris in November #3 – Photography

 The first photo is a door (detail) that we found in the Latin Quarter close to the Sorbonne. The second photo was taken on the walking bridge over the Seine, couple’s have started hanging locks onto the chain fencing along the side. They write or engrave thier names and initials onto the locks and then secure them to the fencing, hopefully to remain forever. The third photo was taken along the seine below the Tuileries garden.

Door in the Latin Quarter


Lover's locks hang over the Seine


Along the river Seine


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Creating the Vintage look in photography

  I have been ask  how I go about getting the vintage look I use in the horse photo’s, so I decided to put together a photo board showing the steps I use.   First off if I am photographing a race horse in training, I will shoot 3-4 shots as they run pass. I get what looks like a film strip of shots to choose from.

Four shots as horse passes

 Then I will choose one photo to work with ……

Sharpest of the four

 Turn this one into black and white………

Black and White copy

 Now I add a small amount of color back into the photo and soften it….

Selective color added back into shot

Now I begin adding texture on to the photo. This step takes the longest time and I will normally go through and change the photo many times before I feel good about it. Does it make a photo better? I don’t think it is better, just different.

Final shot with color and texture added.

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Keeneland -Vintage look

Though I would put up a few photo’s that were taken at Keeneland during the morning workouts. Photo’s were turned into B&W and then color layered back on to it. 

Morning worlouts at Keeneland

B&W with color layered back into it

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Vintage Flowers #3- Photography

Sandstone Rose blend

Here are a couple more photograph’s that are two photo’s, one of the flower and the other of texture, blended together. The more I work with this the more possiblities I see, each one triggering idea’s for the next. We spent  the day hiking at Raven’s Run, a large nature preserve along the Kentucky River. While hiking down to the cliff’s, we snapped 100’s of photo’s of different texture to use.  So needless to say I am going to be playing with this for a few more days.  

Flower rust blend

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Flowers – The Vintage Look

Flower - Lexington Arboretum

  Jeane has been after me for sometime to produce some work that has a more vintage look, feeling that it may fit in with today’s decorating trends. It started with small hints ” Oh! I like that style.” and now has progressed to “You should ………” , so I shall …… , or at least attempt to.  I started out looking at a lot of vintage picture’s  and began forming an ideal of what I would like.  With these in mind, I start looking through 1000’s of photo’s searching for the right match. I didn’t realize at first that most photo’s don’t lend themself’s to this style and had to go through stacks to come up with a few to work on. These two are the first and I’ll try to post some other’s as they are completed

Roses- The vintage look

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